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Music Therapy & Speech Language Pathology

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What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is the use of music to achieve goals. Some of these goals may be musical, social, emotional, communicative, behavioral or cognitive. What makes it therapy is a few things, One is that a therapeutic relationship is established between patient and child. Another is that all the goals are objectives for the patient are clinical, and they are achieved through the use of specified interventions. Every child will have different goal areas and needs so no two Music Therapy sessions ever look alike.

How does it work with Speech Therapy?

Music Therapy and Speech Therapy are different from each other.  There are many similarities though. Both are facilitated by a trained therapist, both use specialized techniques and skill sets to achieve clinical goals, and both are beneficial for the development of a person.

Music Therapy can promote many speech goals, including but not limited to increased breath and muscle control, stimulated vocalization, developed receptive and expressive language skills and improved articulation skills.

Why would we want to add Music Therapy to our services?

Music Therapy provides a structure to promote speech therapy goals in a fun and effective way. Music varies in tempo (speed), dynamics (volume) and rhythm (intonation). These structured principles of music make it easy for children to match and learn, allowing for fun and learning.

Additional Benefits –

Music Therapy can help people meet their sensory needs; often times when these needs are met other goals are more easily achievable.

Music therapy recognizes and appreciates nonverbal communication, not only is language a factor in learning to achieve speech goals, so are nonverbal cues and responses. These cues we can see in faces and bodies and are interpreted just as equally as the words we say.

Music Therapy is fun and easy… or at least it looks like that. A Music Therapist can address goals in a non-threatening manner, and attempt to try and reach patients in a ‘new’ way that may not have been as effective. Music and Language are in different areas of the brain. Therefore there is a chance that one medium or another may be more effective for a patient previously.

The Social-Communication goals of music therapy make it a great tool for not only individual but group sessions. It is a great facilitator for allowing children of all ages to vocalize and speak together, promoting not only the development of communication, but also the social and emotional development of the child.


Music Therapy Infographic

Little Language Learner’s Club

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Language Club

The Little Language Learner’s Club is about to finish its first 8 week cycle and will be starting again on May 7.   The club is a parent involved class that focuses on language development and developing social skills with peers.  The fathers, mothers, and the children who participated have had a great time while learning early readiness skills to help the children transition to a preschool setting.

Our therapist, Shannon Johnson, who created and runs the Club, says “each week you can see the children blossom into able learners who are beginning to understand how to listen and respond to the language of learning.”  The projects and the music used in LLLC encourage creativity, concept development, and careful listening.

One of the parents in the group, Maria Madrid, has this to say about the experience:

“It’s a great choice because it gives me the option to bring my son to a setting where there are preschool skills and language skills taught by a specialist.  And also they have a small group of students so he has a lot of one on one attention and regarding his special needs.  A regular preschool setting is very hard to manage where there are 20 students.

I come from an hour and fifteen minutes away, Merced County and there he would be on a waiting list or his special accommodations cannot be met at this time. Having this option really helps him with his language skills.”

The Little Language Learner’s Club is an affordable 8 week course for $80 per 4 week block.  This is a good time to sign up for the next session of the Little Language Learner’s Club.  Just call the office at 559-228-9100.

For more information please view our flyer.


Boost Your Child’s Summer Learning

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Summer will be here soon and it is time to plan how your child will spend the long summer days. Without practice and stimulation, students can lose up to three months of learning from the prior year. During the summer, small individualized programs with parent involvement yield the best results for maintaining skills or accelerating learning. Look for programs that have a history of producing gains and keeping children engaged in learning.

For more than 10 years, the California Learning Connection has provided summer acceleration and enrichment experiences for students with and without learning challenges. Each of our programs is designed to fully engage the child and to stimulate learning at the highest levels while producing measurable differences in achievement.


“My son, who is 7 years old, receives a variety of specialized services at school including intervention services for reading, specialized services for vision impairment, speech-language impairment, gross motor, and fine motor skills. Although we do not currently live in the Fresno area, we do spend our summers here and I was concerned that without his services, he would regress over the summer.

From the moment we made contact, the staff from the California Learning Connection was welcoming, helpful, and informative. They assisted me in developing a program to best fit the unique needs of my son, including the length of the program and the type of services he would receive. He was given the one-on-one dedication of a tutor, the consistency of targeted intervention, and an engaging program to maintain his interest. He truly enjoyed the services he received, the positive praise, and the bond with his tutor.

In four weeks, he strengthened his phonic skills, decoding ability, and reading fluency as well as his writing skills. The additional benefit was the tremendous growth in his confidence. What was once a huge struggle in our house has become something he enjoys; he is no longer self-conscious about his abilities and it has been well worth the investment of time and finances. Homework does not take nearly the amount of time and emotional energy that it used to.”

- Karen Marchini

One size does NOT fit All; Especially in Learning!

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by Kathryn Wage

Our brains and the ability to learn are the most amazing and highly unique characteristics of being human. We have unbelievable capacities for gathering, retaining and expressing information, emotion and creativity. What’s even more amazing is that each of us has our own pathway in retrieving, receiving and reproducing what we learn. The French say “Viva la différence!” We should embrace learning in this same way.

XS (“X”cellent Systems)

With highly trained experts in the areas of Speech-Language and Occupational Therapy as well as Tutors certified in specialized programs for academic expansion, the California Learning Connection has the ability to meet all of your learning needs. Year round we conduct free consultations to discuss the academic scaffolding for those with learning challenges.

Small (Size nor Age Matter)

No longer is it true that by a “certain” age our window for learning new things is shut tightly, and once it slams – it never opens again. Cutting-edge brain research shows us that with carefully designed programs utilizing the correct combination of individualized intensity, frequency and adaptation new opportunities for generating more learning capacity (translate this to cognitive skills) are possible. The great news is that this is true for any age; yes we are truly capable of being life-long learners.

Medium Matters

The way in which learning takes place is just as important as what is being learned! Our CLC Tutors have been certified and trained in scientific research-based curriculum such as the Barton Reading & Spelling systems for those individuals struggling in these areas. Math-U-See and Cloud 9 Math are perfect avenues for those needing assistance in arithmetic. Handwriting without Tears is a phenomenal system for penmanship. Fast ForWord and academically based games are the perfect pairing for the brain-break we all need as we learn something new. To get the most out of a learning experience it has to be relevant and engaging though excellent curriculum.

Large on Accomplishment

We’ve always been told “Practice Makes Perfect”. However, the right kind of practice is essential for making “the perfect”. When we practice correctly, an activity that may not be our first choice, our successes increase rapidly along with the enjoyment of that activity producing a satisfying accomplishment. It may not be fun initially, but having fun as part of the process and feeling rewarded is very important to the brain when learning new things. Therefore, to develop strengths, look for activities that are enjoyable as well as targeted.

XL (“X”tra Longevity)

We are a community of learners. From the youngest to the vintage of age, our brains and their capacities should be ever-challenged and increased. Medical and academic research both show us that to continue learning something new, keeps our brains functioning at the optimum level of health. How can you select the best fit for your individual learning needs? Sometimes getting help from learning professionals in making the selection is the best strategy, especially when there are specific goals in mind. The California Learning Connection is here to guide and assist individuals in every aspect of learning.

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