Ouch! My Brain Hurts!

Dec 22, 2011   //   Academics, Blog, Health, Research, Special Needs

by Kathryn Wage

Hardly a week goes by when there is not an article in the news about a new learning method promising astonishing results, based on brain science, and supported by anecdotal evidence. It can be very confusing and seductive to read about the improvement that is seen based on a personal story and want that for someone in your life who is dealing with challenges. We naturally want good things for our loved ones.

Concerns about difficulty communicating in a social setting, academic struggles,weakened problem solving skills, or lack of ability to keep up with the flow of life are all reasons to seek answers. For many care providers or parents, the options may seem to end at school, at the doctor’s office or in special treatment programs. Others may find they have too many options to consider if they have been searching online and found ads and articles about the benefits of diet, brain training exercises or supplements. Do you have to be a neuroscientist to determine what the best approach is for your loved one? Where can you get help? There are many excellent options to choose from even though it is often hard to sort them out.

During the time it takes to identify a challenge and determine a program, people may find themselves feeling frustrated, frightened and alone. Often, it my also seem difficult to find someone to understand the challenges a child, adult or their families may face on an emotional and personal level. The main thing to understand is that you are not alone. Services are available for both adults and children who may be experiencing difficulty adapting due to auditory, emotional or brain trauma related to injury or incident. Several well established practices in the Central Valley have trained professionals equipped with traditional and advanced options for clients including the California Learning Connection.

Look for practices that use the most current methods for helping those with needs. Look for professionals with experience, credentials and an approach that includes new methods and science. Without leaving town you can find leading professionals who are developing programs in cognitive learning, neuro-feedback, diet based approaches, vision therapy, communication skills and daily living activities. Look for approaches that are based on real research and evidence based practices that are shown to be helpful. Interview the provider and ask for their personal experience in treating the problem you need help with. Also, ask if there are other methods of treatment that would be helpful. Ask about insurance coverage, if you have it. A professional should be able to refer you to others who may be best suited to help you.

What makes the California Learning Connection unique is its combination of services and therapies. A combined effort of The Center for Communication Skills and Goodfellow Occupational Therapy, the California Learning Connection provides individualized attention and unique treatments. The center is designed to incorporate all styles of learning, to pinpoint the most successful way for the individual to learn, grow and succeed. You are always able to call and ask for a free consultation to discuss your concerns with our specialists. We have a referral bank of professionals outside our office that can help you as well. Do not be discouraged, help is available.

Center For Communication Skills, Speech & Language Pathologists, Fresno, CA