One size does NOT fit All; Especially in Learning!

Nov 22, 2011   //   Academics, Blog, Events, Special Needs

by Kathryn Wage

Our brains and the ability to learn are the most amazing and highly unique characteristics of being human. We have unbelievable capacities for gathering, retaining and expressing information, emotion and creativity. What’s even more amazing is that each of us has our own pathway in retrieving, receiving and reproducing what we learn. The French say “Viva la diff√©rence!” We should embrace learning in this same way.

XS (“X”cellent Systems)

With highly trained experts in the areas of Speech-Language and Occupational Therapy as well as Tutors certified in specialized programs for academic expansion, the California Learning Connection has the ability to meet all of your learning needs. Year round we conduct free consultations to discuss the academic scaffolding for those with learning challenges.

Small (Size nor Age Matter)

No longer is it true that by a “certain” age our window for learning new things is shut tightly, and once it slams – it never opens again. Cutting-edge brain research shows us that with carefully designed programs utilizing the correct combination of individualized intensity, frequency and adaptation new opportunities for generating more learning capacity (translate this to cognitive skills) are possible. The great news is that this is true for any age; yes we are truly capable of being life-long learners.

Medium Matters

The way in which learning takes place is just as important as what is being learned! Our CLC Tutors have been certified and trained in scientific research-based curriculum such as the Barton Reading & Spelling systems for those individuals struggling in these areas. Math-U-See and Cloud 9 Math are perfect avenues for those needing assistance in arithmetic. Handwriting without Tears is a phenomenal system for penmanship. Fast ForWord and academically based games are the perfect pairing for the brain-break we all need as we learn something new. To get the most out of a learning experience it has to be relevant and engaging though excellent curriculum.

Large on Accomplishment

We’ve always been told “Practice Makes Perfect”. However, the right kind of practice is essential for making “the perfect”. When we practice correctly, an activity that may not be our first choice, our successes increase rapidly along with the enjoyment of that activity producing a satisfying accomplishment. It may not be fun initially, but having fun as part of the process and feeling rewarded is very important to the brain when learning new things. Therefore, to develop strengths, look for activities that are enjoyable as well as targeted.

XL (“X”tra Longevity)

We are a community of learners. From the youngest to the vintage of age, our brains and their capacities should be ever-challenged and increased. Medical and academic research both show us that to continue learning something new, keeps our brains functioning at the optimum level of health. How can you select the best fit for your individual learning needs? Sometimes getting help from learning professionals in making the selection is the best strategy, especially when there are specific goals in mind. The California Learning Connection is here to guide and assist individuals in every aspect of learning.

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