Little Language Learner’s Club

Apr 29, 2014   //   Blog, Events, Speech

Language Club

The Little Language Learner’s Club is about to finish its first 8 week cycle and will be starting again on May 7.   The club is a parent involved class that focuses on language development and developing social skills with peers.  The fathers, mothers, and the children who participated have had a great time while learning early readiness skills to help the children transition to a preschool setting.

Our therapist, Shannon Johnson, who created and runs the Club, says “each week you can see the children blossom into able learners who are beginning to understand how to listen and respond to the language of learning.”  The projects and the music used in LLLC encourage creativity, concept development, and careful listening.

One of the parents in the group, Maria Madrid, has this to say about the experience:

“It’s a great choice because it gives me the option to bring my son to a setting where there are preschool skills and language skills taught by a specialist.  And also they have a small group of students so he has a lot of one on one attention and regarding his special needs.  A regular preschool setting is very hard to manage where there are 20 students.

I come from an hour and fifteen minutes away, Merced County and there he would be on a waiting list or his special accommodations cannot be met at this time. Having this option really helps him with his language skills.”

The Little Language Learner’s Club is an affordable 8 week course for $80 per 4 week block.  This is a good time to sign up for the next session of the Little Language Learner’s Club.  Just call the office at 559-228-9100.

For more information please view our flyer.


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