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The California Learning Connection is proud to be a clinical provider for Scientific Learning’s two award-winning online language and reading programs, Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant.

For more information regarding all aspects of these programs and how we manage them, view our new Online Program Frequently Asked Questions.


Fast ForWord®


Fast ForWord stands alone in its research foundation and results. More than 250 research studies prove that Fast ForWord can build the foundational language and cognitive skills that so many struggling learners and English Language Learners need to succeed. After Fast ForWord, learners can improve their language and reading by up to two grade levels in as little as three months, simultaneously boosting performance across all areas of study. And research has shown that these gains endure over time.

It Starts in the Brain. That’s Why it Works.

A student who can remember, focus, and process instruction efficiently has a MAPSsignificant advantage in school and in life.
The Fast ForWord® program was developed by neuroscientists to improve language and literacy skills while concurrently developing:

  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Processing speed
  • Sequencing

FAST Power Learning™ Formula

Fast ForWord uses the principles of neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to rewire and improve – to make lasting foundational changes in the brain.

This is the FAST Power Learning Formula:

Frequency and intensity

Brain plasticity research demonstrates that the most efficient way to drive brain change is to learn tasks in a frequent, intense timeframe.
Fast ForWord is structured so that participants are challenged again and again – with significantly more learning trials than other products, and many more than could be delivered by a teacher, parent or clinical professional.


Our patented software uses “Automated Intelligent Agents”, which make sure each trial adjusts to each learner, keeping participants successful 80% of the time. This is the scientifically-validated level of challenge/success that motivates brain change. Each learner’s progress data is then compared against a large set of prior Fast ForWord participants.

Simultaneous development

Each exercise focuses on a specific set of reading or language tasks while simultaneously developing memory, attention, processing speed and sequencing. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, with cognitive and literacy skills working synergistically to build greater learning capacity.

Timely motivation

The exercises are uniquely designed to provide positive feedback with optimal timing (on the order of 10s of milliseconds). This neural activity combined with reward produces lasting synaptic change and sustained motivation.

Research Validated, Enduring Results

FFWD Brain Activity

  • Fast ForWord is the only reading intervention that has been substantiated by research at Rutgers, Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Cornell, and other premiere research institutions.
  • Students can make up to 2 years’ gain in 3 months in reading and language skills.
  • Beyond improved language and reading skills, students experience gains in confidence, test-taking skills, and attention necessary for all learning.
  • With over 55 patents in neuroscience and education and 250+ research studies, Fast ForWord® delivers dramatic results for even your most struggling of readers.


Reading Assistant

Scientific Learning Reading Assistant is the only tool that uses speech recognition technology to support and correct learners as they read aloud, helping them build fluency and comprehension with the help of a

Reading Assistant logo

supportive listener. No other program or e-book provides comparable real-time guidance and feedback.

Every Reader Deserves a Listener

Research shows that the single best practice for developing reading fluency is one-to-one guided oral reading. But in today’s classroom, it’s difficult for teachers to give every student all the one-on-one reading support they need, or for parents to find time to provide individualized reading support to their children.

Scientific Learning Reading Assistant™ software can help, acting as a personal, interactive reading tutor to give learners the practice and support they need to improve their reading, amplifying the teacher’s instruction.

We Never Miss a Teachable Moment

Reading Assistant is the only online reading tool that uses advanced speech recognition technology to support and correct students as they read aloud – never missing a teachable moment. No other e-book or program provides comparable support. With the help of a supportive listener, students build reading fluency and comprehension.

How Reading Assistant Works

  • Builds better readers: students improve reading level 50% beyond expected gains.
  • Saves you time: it automatically assesses and tracks words correct per minute (WCPM) and reading comprehension!
  • Provides an unbiased listener to every student: even hard-to-engage students will practice reading aloud, always without judgment.
  • Dramatically improves reading fluency, the critical bridge to comprehension.


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