Homework Headaches

Nov 30, 2012   //   Academics, Blog

by Rebecca Wage and Alyssa Rendon

What is the deal with homework these days? Seems like even our first graders are hunched over their text books and notepads until their bedtime. Time spent on homework can be excessive; however, there are many reasons why this time for review is a critical part of learning.

In some classrooms homework is worth as much as 50% of a student’s grade! Teachers emphasize homework because it catalyzes the learning that happens in the classroom. Homework assignments should improve thinking, memory, time management, and reinforce lifetime study skills. Furthermore students retain information better after practicing lessons taught in class. Students learn to take the reins of their education by seeking resources such as libraries or educational websites. Because classroom sizes are increasing and individual attention is becoming scarcer, productive homework is an ideal time to individualize learning. As you can see, homework is not just busy work that your child needs to complete before watching American Idol; it is a significant part of your child’s education.

As a parent, the part of your child’s education you have the most influence over is homework. Providing a good study environment and understanding your child’s learning style can make a significant difference Encouraging and supporting your child with their homework demonstrates that you value education and are assuming your responsibility in their education.

For some students and parents, difficult homework can be discouraging and frustrating, creating more conflict and emotional discord in the home. Fortunately, there are alternative ways for parents to help them.

  • Organize small study groups with other parents and children can maintain consistency while having fun with friends.
  • Speaking to your child’s teacher about how to help your child in the best manner.
  • Find other ideas in the U.S. Department of Education’s online pamphlet, “Helping Your Child With Homework”: http://www2.ed.gov/parents/academic/help/homework/index.html

The California Learning Connection is launching their new after school homework service, Homework Help. This service provides individualized and structured assistance with homework and school projects in a comfortable learning environment with qualified instructors.

Staying on top of homework and on track in the classroom alleviates stress and makes for a healthier and happier student.

Center For Communication Skills, Speech & Language Pathologists, Fresno, CA