Helping Children Interact with the World

Jan 27, 2012   //   Blog, Special Needs, Speech

by Kathryn Wage

What can be done to help a child learn to interact with the world in a positive manner? Children with delayed social interaction skills frequently raise concerns for parents and teachers. Sometimes direct training is needed when good parenting and school support are not enough. At CLC, our goal for each child is to develop understanding and self-control over time so that gradually less structure will be needed from adults.

One successful method to teach self control is the ALERT program. The program teaches children to monitor their own internal body state and practice strategies for self-regulation when they are over or under responsive. Social stories offer another way to develop insight and appropriate responses. These stories are specifically written to teach and practice appropriate behavior and social understanding. Almost any situation can be portrayed in a story as the need arises.

If you have a child with social interaction needs, call for more information.

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