Our experienced providers are dedicated to providing effective therapy for our clients.  They are fully licensed by the State of California and have earned their national Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

Diagnostic Services


Learning Academy

At the Center for Communication Skills, our therapy is built upon researched neuroscience principals that make learning more efficient and effective.  Neuroscience-based therapy is:

  • Intense
  • Adaptive to performance
  • Consistent in delivery and practice
  • Requires a physical responses
  • Rewards performance
  • Cognizant of Temporal Dynamics
    • The role of time and timing in learning, across multiple scales, brain systems, and social systems.

Every effort is made to create the right match of “needs and methods” for our clients.  Our therapists have up-to-date training and provide therapy that is individually designed for the maximum results.

Of all the gifts bestowed upon humanity, the ability to communicate is one of the most important. Any impairment of this ability can have far-reaching consequences, affecting every aspect of a person’s life, from learning, to work, to interactions with family, friends, and community. Speech-language pathologists provide services to prevent, diagnose, evaluate, and treat communication disorders.  -ASHA

Our Therapy Covers:

  • Comprehension of Communication:  auditory training, listening skills, attention, discrimination, perception, understanding and reading comprehension (dyslexia), nonverbal language comprehension
  • Motor Skills: strength and coordination for speech (apraxia), oral motor development for speech, myofunctional training (tongue thrust), feeding therapy
  • Cognitive Skills: memory, perception, association, sequencing, focus, learning strategies, study skills, managing dementia
  • Social Language Skills: pragmatic use of language, group dynamics, listening and responding, relationship maintenance

Our Therapists have Specialized Training with the Following Programs:

  • Smart Palate®
  • Speech Buddies®
  • The Kaufman Apraxia Program®
  • Scientific Learning Training Programs®
  • The Listening Program®
  • LindamoodBell Learning System ®
  • Floortime
  • The Play Project
  • Augmentative Communication
  • Facilitated Communication

Center For Communication Skills, Speech & Language Pathologists, Fresno, CA