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August 2015 Newsletter

The first installment of our re-introduced monthly newsletter! We celebrate our 10th Anniversary, announce our new Twitter profile, and have a throwback to 2010. Also included is information about Fast ForWord and an article that takes on Back to School parenting.


E-Mail Updates

Our updates are short, succinct email bulletins that address important information and events.


Summer Savings!

6/25/15 – This bulletin informs parents about the Learning Academy’s discounted summer packages, offering our tutors’ specialized services at an even more accessible prices.


2015 Summer Programs

6/9/15 – This bulletin gives information about the Learning Academy’s 2015 Summer Programs and tips to help avoid the dreaded “summer slide.”


Better Speech and Hearing Month

5/13/15 – This bulletin promotes May as Better Speech and Hearing Month and lists some fun facts regarding speech and language.


Get Moving!

4/30/15 – This bulletin encourages parents to let their kids play outside in the springtime weather and lists benefits of outdoor play and exercise.


National Autism Awareness Month

4/9/15 – This bulletin lists four Autism-related books parents, educators, and healthcare
professionals should read, and promotes awareness of National Autism Awareness Month.


World Autism Awareness Day

4/2/15 – This bulletin promotes April 2nd as World Autism Awareness Day and lists five ways that you can support autism awareness.


Recreational Therapy

3/19/15 – This bulletin lists the Top 10 Recreational Therapy ideas for children who have special needs from the Friendship Circle Blog.


Homework Help: Quality over Quantity

3/12/15 – This bulletin takes a look at the Learning Academy’s Homework Help and Individualized Tutoring programs in addition to tips for parents in dealing with daily homework troubles.


Enhance Learning with Fast ForWord

2/26/15 – This bulletin describes academic acceleration provided by participation in the Fast ForWord program.


Little Language Learner’s Club

2/12/15 – This bulletin focuses on the Little Language Learner’s Club at CLC, a parent-involved class that focuses on language development and social interaction with peers.


Learning Academy Open House

1/30/15 – This bulletin lets parents know about the upcoming Learning Academy Open House on February 4, 2015.


Center For Communication Skills, Speech & Language Pathologists, Fresno, CA