Many parents and professionals have trusted the California Learning Connection with providing the highest quality of service in speech therapy, occupational therapy, and academic enrichment for over ten years. Here are some of their stories, and how our staff and services have helped their children.

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I want to thank you for your help and let you know how much Fast ForWord has helped our daughter. When we CAPD about two years ago and thought this described one of her issues.  When I brought it up to her school team,  I repeatedly was asked, “What difference will having the diagnosis make?” Let me tell you, a big difference!

When we went to the California Learning Connection, my daughter was failing school.  She had 2 F- on her report card/progress report.  When I would check the school parent portal for grades, which I did almost daily, she rarely had any grade above a C-, and there was usually only one of those.  Her GPA at the time was approximately 1.4.  She was not going to graduate from Middle School.

She started Fast ForWord on March 30, 2015.  In two months, when school ended, she had a 2.62 GPA.  There were no other changes in her routine. Just Fast ForWord for half an hour 5 days a week, and there were times we weren’t able to get that in. She has had so many interventions over the years, and nothing has really made a difference.  Until Fast ForWord.

Her teachers said she was more engaged in class, others used the word focused.  Some said, when I asked, “You know, I haven’t had to get after her lately, now that you mention it.” She will have  conversations in the car, which she never did before. Some people are saying she is just finally growing up a little.  This rapidly?? I don’t think so.

She started High School about a month ago.  I checked her grades on Friday, she has a C in Science, A’s in PE, English, Algebra, and Life Management (one teacher doesn’t have a grade posted yet). As a family, we are very impressed with Fast ForWord and highly recommend it.  It is money well spent.

       – Jeanette Newquist


Our family would like to express our gratitude for the excellent services provided by the Center of Communication Skills and Goodfellow Occupational Therapy Services at the California Learning Connection.

Kira is a high functioning autistic child who has experienced difficulties with expressive communication, reading and writing.  We live on a remote island where very limited services are available in the areas of speech/language therapy and occupational therapy.  The staff very graciously arranged a program to provide services, individualized to her needs, during the summer while we were visiting family in the area.  She was able to complete the Fast ForWord Language Program and is able to continue at home, with the support of the center, on the Fast ForWord Reading Program.

The evaluations we requested were very thorough, and as a result of their observations, she was found to have visual dyslexia. She was referred to a specialist and is now being treated.  Having evaluations that are explicit and offer recommendations, we are now able to show need for and establish appropriate speech goals, occupational therapy goals and obtain assistive technology services for Kira within our school system.   We were provided materials to enable us to work with Kira at home to support the services we are able to access at school.  The services that the California Learning Connection provides, offers persons with varying disabilities the opportunity to reach their potential.  Thank you so very much.

         – Carol Darlow


My son was referred to CLC for speech and occupational therapy because he was experiencing difficulties within his school placement. I was extremely impressed in the first phone consultation with Kathryn Wage. She exuded a calm and engaging demeanor as she listened to my concerns and set about creating a plan of action.

Our family has relied on CLC in several capacities. First, CLC provided an outside agency consultation to our school district and additional support in the IEP process. Currently, my son receives weekly speech therapy sessions at CLC. We are so very grateful and thankful for the opportunity to receive services from an agency that prides itself on excellence in both its staff and its clients.

The atmosphere at the center is always so warm and inviting. Guided by the direction of Ms. Wage, the staff is highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable of the most current theories and techniques that motivate learning and produce successful results. Of note, Ms. Wage introduced our family to the Fast ForWord language intervention. A computer-based intensive program, Fast ForWord has worked wonders improving my son’s language and listening skills in both the home and school setting.

CLC is a refreshing beacon of light that provides effective teaching and compassionate support to my child.

         – Anonymous Parent


I am grateful and satisfied with the speech program my son Alejandro received. It helped him with his speech development and social skills. He is now more sociable and sure of himself. He can now communicate with sign language in Spanish and English. I am grateful to his therapist JoAnna, for her patience and affection towards him. I recommend this program to all the people that may need it.

         – Anonymous Parent

My son has been participating in the Fast ForWord program for over six months. He has issues with focusing and paying attention in class. His teacher has told us he has really improved and matured over these past months. His reading level has also gone up. The games are fun and challenging, and he really likes to play them. Thank you Fast ForWord!  

         – Marsha Alves

In February 2007, our loved one was diagnosed with Autism, and our family began the journey of transformation. We wanted early intervention in a compassionate environment with skilled professionals and cutting edge options. California Learning Connection satisfied all these desires. Our family feels blessed to have found this one stop service provider.
We have always felt compelled to share the existence of this organization with other families traveling on the same journey. We believe that our loved one continues, to make significant gains as the result of the past, and present services offered at California Learning Connection. We are grateful for the team at CLC and indebted to those with the vision to create such a place.

- M. Isabel Castellanos

After Fast ForWord my child’s reading levels have greatly improved. He finally understands what he is reading! Due to his auditory delays and processing problems he wasn’t hearing sounds. Now his sound awareness has increased. He now asks for clarifications and his confidence is growing.
My son actually asked that I share information about this program with his school so other kids like him could get help. Thank you California Learning Connection for accurately assessing my child and providing him with just the right program tailored to his developmental needs.

- Teri (Parent)

If it wasn’t for the professional and caring staff at the California Learning Connection, my son would not be where he is today. They have been supportive on all levels and their understanding and way with him has improved his physical, intellectual, and emotional progress. What I really like is that they offer a variety of services at one location – this saves time and the Staff is able to communicate with each other to further support our needs.

- Michelle (Parent)

CLC is the only learning center of its kind in our area, and we are so glad they are here.

- Lucy Bordona

My son, who is 7 years old, receives a variety of specialized services at school; these range from intervention level services for reading to specialized services for vision impairment, speech-language impairment, gross motor, and fine motor skills. Although we do not currently live in the Fresno area, we do spend our summers here and I was concerned that without his services, he would regress over the summer.
We contacted Valley Children’s Hospital to inquire about services and were referred to The Center for Communication Skills. From the moment we made contact, the staff from the California Learning Connection was welcoming, helpful and informative. The Special Programs Coordinator assisted me in developing a research-based program to best fit the unique needs of my son, including the length of the program and the type of services he would receive. We decided that 4 weeks of the Fast ForWord program and two weeks of Handwriting without Tears would strengthen his skills. He was given the one-on-one dedication of a tutor, the consistency of targeted intervention, and an engaging program to maintain his interest.
Although he had made his own sacrifices (try telling a 7 year old they are going to summer school!), he truly enjoyed the services he received, the positive praise, and the bond with his tutor. In four weeks, he strengthened his phonic skills, decoding ability, and reading fluency as well as his writing skills. The additional benefit was the tremendous growth in his confidence. What was once a huge struggle in our house has become something he enjoys; he is no longer self-conscious about his abilities and it has been well-worth the investment of time and finances. Homework does not take nearly the amount of time and emotional energy that it used to. As a parent, it is a pleasure to share my story with you.

- Karen (Parent)

Center For Communication Skills, Speech & Language Pathologists, Fresno, CA