Our History

In June of 2000, John Goodfellow, occupational therapist and Kathryn Wage, speech pathologist, opened their separate practices (Goodfellow Occupational Therapy and the Center for Communication Skills) in a small shared office in Clovis.  They both believed the greater Fresno area had a need for a therapy choice that included traditional proven therapies and also sought out new promising approaches only available in larger metropolitan areas. Soon after opening the small office space was bulging with clients with no room to expand further.

In August of 2005, the combined practices moved into their current location in Fresno, which became known as the California Learning Connection.  The remodeled building was designed by our therapists to be a positive and supportive learning space for our clients. Since then, the practices have grown and have served families throughout Central California through clinic based services, school programs, adult programs, and through contracting agencies.

After 10 years, the California Learning Connection continues to make a unique contribution to the Central Valley through its unique combination of services and therapies. The core values at the California Learning Connection are:

  • The belief in a multidisciplinary perspective
  • The importance of individualized treatment
  • The advancement of treatment through the use of innovative interventions in speech, language, and occupational therapy

Feel free to call our office and ask for a free consultation to discuss your concerns with our specialists.  We have a referral bank of professionals outside our office that are available to help you as well.

Do not be discouraged, help is available!

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